Distance Reiki Session - 60 Minutes

The Alluring Alchemist

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Distance Reiki Session - 60 Minutes

One hour distance Reiki sessions can be a breakthrough for those looking to balance the energy patterns in their body from the comfort of their home.

Jette Roberts is Reiki Master who uses universal energy, Reiki, intuition, crystals, a singing bowl, oracle and tarot cards, and a proxy to represent you in distance sessions.

How do I know what to do?

You will communicate with Jette before and after your session. You'll set your appointment and be given instructions on what to do and expect.

What happens after the session?

You will typically have homework and you will receive notes from your session including messages received, chackral information, and cards pulled.

Other important information:

You should not consume alcohol or drugs within 24 hours of receiving your session. You should not drive during your session. You should drink water with lemon after session and be prepared to detoxify emotionally and physically for up to a few days after. You will not be seen by a medical practitioner nor will you be given medical advice. All new clients must sign a disclaimer acknowledging their understanding.

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