The Alluring Alchemist creates skincare based in ritual and intention.  We create each product with healing intentions and hands.  Our products are created with quality ingredients, no pesticides or toxic ingredients and are vegan & cruelty free. 

Reb Mari Owner & Alchemist

Reb comes from an ancestral line of healers.  Her great-grandmother Loli was a Chichimeca curandera & midwife. Reb has her bachelor's in psychology from the University of Texas in Austin, is a certified yoga instructor and a danzante with Danza Coyolxauhqui.  She is a co-creator and founder of Texas first vegan cafe with a full bar and community venue La Botanica SA. Her first experiences with alchemy began in food and now she is expanding her knowledge into skin, body and soul care products.  You can learn more about her at RebelMariposa.com.

Amanda De La O  Research & Development

Amanda has over 9 yrs of experience in a advertising agency setting as a financial analyst.  She has long & deep native roots in far West Texas/Northern Mexico.  Her ancestors of the Jumanos & Mezcalero Apache tribes created meals, drinks & medicine from the plants of the Chihuahuan desert.  It's her focus to revive these techniques for further product development. When she is not crunching numbers or deep in research you can find her unleashing her creative spirit as a DJ.  For more insight into her life check out her instagram account @delaotx.

Liz Cardwell  Alchemist & Founder

Liz began creating skin, body and soul care in 2008 She is a mom and lover of nature, beauty, and getting shit done. She is a Reiki Master and the founder and creator of The Granola Goat.