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Sarah Price on Acne Acceptance

On Acne Acceptance

I want to start by telling you that having acne is okay. It doesn't determine your worth. It doesn't determine your capacity for connection, fulfillment, or success. It’s not an indicator of how clean you are, the foods you eat, or the skincare products you use.

Why Acne Acceptance is Important

Having acne is a part of life, and while we can support our skin by drinking lots of water, eating lots of veggies, and using good skincare, it's important to accept your skin as it is.

Think about all of the valuable time and energy you’ve devoted to your appearance. While we’ll never call that vanity, because taking care of yourself is important, how much of that time did you enjoy? Did you really enjoy feeling desperate for the latest acne system, or frustrated when your new diet didn’t work? I didn’t think so.

We’ll talk more about this later, but there’s a difference between spending time on your appearance, and approaching your beauty routine with self love. When you’re focusing on your appearance, you’re more likely to get wound up in a harmful cycle, whereas if you approach your beauty routine with self love, you’ll focus more on how you feel, and you’ll do so with care and consideration.

We’re all going to have different reasons for why accepting our skin is important to us. Find your reasons and remind yourself of them as you forget the trends, the celebrities, and the advertisements, and remember what’s important to you.

How Can You Work Towards Acne Acceptance

While I wanted to tell you my experience with my own acne, and how I’ve come to terms with it, I honestly don’t have a magic cure or a step by step guide. It’s such a personal thing, accepting yourself, that I can only let you know there are people out there who support you and who want you to love yourself.

We think it’s important to start by surrounding yourself with people who love and admire you for you, not for your appearance. Do a social detox and distance yourself from the toxic people in your life. Do the same for your social media accounts. Have an unwavering policy that rejects people and businesses who use your appearance to tell you your worth or to sell you their latest creation. Click that unfollow button and allow yourself space to breathe without being influenced by the latest beauty trend or influencer.

At first, when I realized I wanted to start accepting my skin, I thought it meant I had to give up my skincare rituals. But my skincare is just that, an important, daily ritual that is calming and rooting. So why would I give that up?

As much as we believe in accepting your skin, we also believe that accepting your skin and wanting to heal your skin don't have to be separate feelings. You can love and accept yourself and your appearance while also wanting to indulge in beautiful bottles of skincare goodness.

Instead of working against your skin by using harsh ingredients that strip your natural oils and cause irritation, you'll want gentle skincare that allows your skin to do it's thing. Your skin knows how to heal itself, you just need the products that allow for that healing process.

While there is no step-by-step guide to accepting your acne, we want you to have actionable steps so we created a little ‘Acne Acceptance Cheat Sheet’ to get you started.

  1. Unfollow people and businesses who promote a singular kind of beauty
  2. Focus on the health of your skin, not the appearance
  3. Spend time without makeup, and do this at your own pace
  4. Opt for beauty products made with love by businesses who support all kinds of beauty

Self Love

Accepting your skin as it is isn’t easy, and it’s not a static, linear process. But it’s important that you approach it with self love, not hatred.  

You don’t need to be perfect, that’s the why we’re talking about acne acceptance. When it comes to beauty and personal care, put yourself first and your needs first, and leave the trends and problematic advertisements to someone else.


Sarah Price

Green Beauty + Self Care Writer