Botanical Steam Ingredient - Passionflower

Passionflower. It’s a name that seems like it might be hard to live up to. If you’ve ever seen a passionflower, you know that its name and the thoughts it conjures may give too little credit to its unique beauty. This alien looking flower is most famous for its use as an amazing sedative, typically used to calm general anxiety disorders.

Ironically, when the passionflower got its name it was meant to represent the suffering of Christ. Seems appropriate that passion’s Latin origin comes from suffering, but that’s an existential crisis for another time. The plant was named by Christian missionaries travelling in South America as a way to connect their agenda to a familiar part of the natives’ lives.

Using passionflower in your steam and as a toner is a relaxing experience indeed, with no suffering necessary. Passionflower is also a known anti-inflammatory and a strong tea, or a poultice of passionflower can be used on many skin conditions. Loaded with antioxidants, this home brew is great for all skin types.

Passionflower is a fascinating plant of unrivaled exotic beauty. Also, if you happen upon a passionfruit sometime, give it a try. The purple pod filled treat is aromatic, tangy, and something to be experienced.

Happy relaxing!

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