Botanical Steam Ingredient - Heartsease

Using heartsease in your steam blend can evoke love, passion, romance, and maybe even mend the broken heart. Heartsease is a pansy with a connection to love charms, and Shakespeare even gives this little flower an aphrodisiac nod in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Herbalists have turned to heartsease for centuries for treating a litany of ailments, including skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and impetigo. Its uses cover ailments of the lungs and heart as well, making this a very useful engine in the herbal world.

This flower, with its pretty little face, hangs its head at night and even looks down to shield itself from rain. Wonderful as a tea, wash, or poultice, this sweet looking flower has bitter properties. You can also make a syrup from heartsease, much in the same way you would made an elderberry syrup.

Are you excited to give heartsease a try as part of your steam and toner? We hope you delve more into this powerful flower!

Happy brewing!

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