Botanical Steam Ingredient - Mistletoe

There’s nothing relaxing about finding yourself under the mistletoe with *shudder* Doug, the guy in the next cubicle that you know has at least one picture of you up in his basement apartment. Say no to mistletoe in doorways, but yes to mistletoe in your steam!

Unlike in the previous scenario, mistletoe in your steam is incredible relaxing. European mistletoe functions not only as a calmative, but also can be soothing for coughs and colds. Winter is a great time to fix your face over a nice steamy bowl of cheer, but you mistletoe can certainly be enjoyed year round.

Mistletoe has an amazing history – from being used in ceremonies by the Druids, to being banned from places of Christian worship. Why not research a little lore this holiday season and then reap the benefits of this ancient healer in your own self-care ceremony? Here’s a fun place to start.

Happy steaming!

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